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Plateau Of Dinosaurs– The largest “storehouse” of dinosaur tracks. In the very East of Turkmenistan, in the mountains Kugitangtau (called Koytendag), at an altitude of 1500 meters, … platform of dimensions 200×80 meters.

The Kugitang Nature Reserve is situated on the west slope of the Kugitang Mountains on the border to Uzbekistan. It covers an area of 27.140 ha. The name Kugitang (Koyentag in Turkmen) means ‘almost impassable mountains’.

Repetek Nature Reserve–  is a desert nature reserve (zapovednik) of Turkmenistan, located in Lebap Province, East Karakum Desert, near Amu Darya. It is located approximately 70 km (43 mi) south from Türkmenabat.